At Christina-LK, our ambition is to make designer footwear accessible to everyone. Our shoes are the perfect marriage of superior quality, high-fashion and impeccable taste, and they can belong to you with just the click of a button. We make our merchandise easy to order, quick to arrive, and sure to satisfy. That’s why our online launch of CLK’s fashion-forward footwear has been such a success!

At CLK, our talented designers are focused on creating unique, designer shoes for style-savvy women with an appreciation for luxury. Their thirst to incorporate up-to-the-minute fashion into each design has earned our company a remarkable, trendsetting reputation.

Quality is a vital component in CLK shoes. A shoe is no good to you if it looks cheap.


We carefully select only the finest materials and accessories to assemble our shoes. And, to be certain each of our clients receives the perfection she deserves, we monitor every step of production, from the design concept, to the packaging. We meticulously inspect each pair of shoes, making sure they meet our exacting standards, before hand-packing them for shipment. In addition, all footwear purchased at is warrantied against defects in materials and workmanship for 5 years from the date of purchase so long as you have the original receipt.

At Christina-LK, we know that women are excited by beautiful shoes. They increase women’s confidence and give them extra dose of charisma. Perhaps most valuable, is the zing of energy women feel when they put on a pair of CLK shoes and can’t stop admiring themselves in the mirror. We know how good our shoes add to our look and we don’t want to take the shoes off because they make us feel like a goddess. When CLK shoes make you stare at yourself and like what you see, we have achieved our goal.